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Biomedical toolkit to view DICOM images

I've been trying to use the Biomedical tookit however i can't get any of it to work for images. I don't need any of the signal features, i just want to work with DICOM files.

I tried the toolkit that is downloaded through the VIPM, but there is only one image related VI for a viewer, and no example to demonstrate how to get the data from a file and break it into the original the different inputs to the viewer VI.

When i tried installing the 2014 or 2013 biomed toolkits i can get some examples to show up but they won't run because it can't find the toolkit library so the read and write image express VIs are not executable.

I'm not sure what to do to, to either get a DICOM data from a file location into the VIPM installed toolkit viewer, or fix the library to get the Add-on toolkit 2014 "Medical Image File converter" example to run.

Has anyone worked with DICOM file data and this toolkit with Labview 2017 64bit dev installations?

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