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Analysis of EMG Signal for Application in Prosthetic Device Motor Control (servo motor)

Hi Steeve,

I am also doing a similar project using ANN.

The problem I am facing is that I am not able to get EMG signals. We have the adhesive type Ag/AgCl surface electrodes with us, but then the signals cannot be got perfectly. Can you please suggest me some methods by which I can get my EMG signals??

Thanks and Regards,


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Can i use this    if i am sending the EMG signal to the  arduino MCU and then trying to see it in labview.....i guess no ryte

basically my EMG signal goes to the arduino and then i want to send it to a servo. could somebody suggest me an easy way to do it in LV?

Also is it easier to implement it using fuzzy logic, nueral network, or by using classifiers, ?

any response is appreciated


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which features did you extract?

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Hello there...seems a pretty old post but still trying my luck.

I am also working on a similar project.

I would be using external hardware to obtain the emg signals and then  apply it to the analog input of myRio. I am planning to use fuzzy logic to classify the emg signal. Can you help me how to control the servo motors using fuzzy logic. I mean to say how would i obtain pwm at the output of the fuzzy logic classifier required for the servo motors. Thank you in advance


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