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A simple example for reading and viewing DICOM image

Biomedical Toolkit 2012, which is the graduated product from Biomedical Startup Kit, has been released. You can try to download it from and use the Read Image Express VI to read DICOM image.

Compared with the Load Image from DICOM VI in the Biomedical startup kit, Read Image Express VI can be more easily used to read BMP/JPG/PNG/DICOM image. And there is a new control called 2D Viewer in Biomedical Toolkit to view these images. Attached is a simple example VI using Read Image and 2D VIewer to read and display the DICOM image. You can see the block diagram and front panel of this example VI in the following snapshots.

block diagram.jpgfront panel.jpg

For more information about Read Image and 2D VIewer, you can see the