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Wireless connection

Wireless connection



I am trying to make wireless connection b/w patient monitor and PC. The data b/w them is transfered by RS 232. Any possible idea based on it please to give me starting point.


Thank you

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Re: Wireless connection

Hey Kaur,


I am not 100% sure what you are trying to do. You want the PC to communicate wirelessly to the monitor? Is this just for exporting a display, or are you programming something using LV or CVI?


Please, give us a little more detail on your application.





National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Re: Wireless connection

sir, i m trying to measure or obtain ECG waveform through WSN ni module.... in which i m fixing electrode or sensor to the body and then attaching those sensor to the wsn module part 1 from where the signal will be send wirelessly to the other wsn module part 2, which is connected to computer n controlling is done through labview ..... sir my question is (1) that which WSN ni model should i use?? (2) is it possible to measure biomedical signals though WSN ni module ?? (3) if possible then what are the chances of noise addition between the signal transmission?? (3) if not WSN module then which product of NI can help obtaining the above case wirelessly ??? (4) if any example related to this is there then plzzz attach an example

thanking u . for this i shall be ever thankful to u!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Wireless connection

Hi Vivek885,


I'm going to try to answer your questions about the possibility of using WSN nodes to measur ECG waveforms.


We have WSN nodes that will measure analog or digital voltage so as long as your sensors output voltage, I'd say it's a possibility. The main thing that I'd be concerned about is the speed you need for your application. What's the sampling rate needed? The nonprogrammable WSN nodes only sample a couple times a second, so you'd probably want a programmable one (like the NI WSN-3202 or the NI WSN-3226)  which can sample at much faster rates (although it still only sends the data collected across the network a couple of times a second).

If you have higher speed wireless needs and don't need it to be super portable, I'd recommend looking into one of our wireless cDAQs.


I know this is pretty bare-bone information, but I really can't give more suitable advice without more information about your application. It might be easier if you call in and speak with an applications engineer or a sales representative about the specifics of your application so we can better guide you to what will work and what won't. You can do this by going to and creating a service request or by contacting our sales department.

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Re: Wireless connection

We use a NI-WLS 9201 DAQ to monitor signals from our test patients (i.e. with electrical isolation - the WLS 9201 is battery powered). Works very well, but may be overkill for your ECG needs.

If you can wait, optical USB cables from Corning should be comming out this year. You can then use the optical USB cable to connect to any cheaper NI USB DAQ, which will give you the isolation you need (but you'll still need to use a battery to power the DAQ device)

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