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Need Help PLease

Need Help PLease

I've make a circuits to detect the heart beat then i want to view the signal of the heart beat through DAQ USB 1208FS.can someone helpme to make or viewing the signal of heart beat in labview not just view it but we can change the frequency and so the amplitude.Can anyone help me and solve this...
tanx before...
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Re: Need Help PLease

That's not an NI DAQ board so you will not be able to use BioBench. You will need to use some thing else (i.e. LabVIEW) with the drivers from Measurement Computing. If and when you upgrade from BioBench to a full programming language, you should post any questions in the appropriate board.
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Re: Need Help PLease

maybe somenone can tell me all about ecg:

1. what frequency must we have to analyse the ecg signal

2. what filter must we use to make a good ecg signal

3. what is the frequency cut-off of the filter in there if we use them (low and high frequency cut-off)

4. how to save the result  of ecg signal to JPEG or files  or cordinate system

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Re: Need Help PLease

duplicate post


Don't ask the same question in multiple boards.

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