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red color detection

hey i am a new user that is trying ti familiarize lab view-8.2.i want to capture any red frame that comes during the image aqusition using a web camera.i have done the image garbbing and snapping but the work i want to do is that:

1) the camera is all the time recording video

2)the moment a red frame or sth red in color comes the web cam should capture that frame and store it

kindy help me out.i need serious help.

if any one could post me the blok diagram using the particular vi's thn ill be thankful to hm/hr.

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Re: red color detection

Hi Armank,

1) You will want to set-up the camera for a Grab rather than a Snap.

2) You may be able to use the ColorImageToArray VI in LabVIEW to convert the image to a 2D array of numbers.  Then evaluate the numbers to see if the image is red.

Unfortunately I don't have a specific block diagram to show this.  I would strongly suggest posting your question on our Machine Vision Discussion Forum located here:

Our Vision Application Engineers and other vision customers monitor that forum and should be able to answer your questions more completely than I.

Make sure to add the RSS capabilities of this user group so you can be notified of new discussions.

Kind Regards,

Erik Johnson

National Instruments

Field Engineer, Northern California

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Re: red color detection


Do you live in the Bay Area?  If so, you should join our little user group!  We'd love to have you online!

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