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Winter Holidays

What did everyone do for their time off for Thanksgiving? Anyone traveling for Christmas/Winter Break or New Year's?  I know you guys take full advantage of your breaks

I am debating on if I want to visit family in Colorado for New Year's, or if i want to save money and relax and stay at home.  Decisions, decisions!

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Actually, it is a little bit late to plan something for Christmas.

Everything is almost occupied.

We will drive to Las Vegas, stay there three days, spend one day at Grand Canyon.

At the way back we will stay one day in LA.

I have never been there.

Hope it will be interesting.

Wish to everybody to have nice Winter Break!

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How is the grand canyon this time of the year?  Always wanted to see it in winter time.  I was actually planning a trip for sometime early next year.  Would love to see some pictures and hear your recommendations so I might be able to plan a trip.

Best Regards,
Song Mu
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I had some doubts.

But my wife checked forum of some traveler group.

Advantage is you do not need to make any reservation.

Disadvantage is there may be snow, much snow...

We'll see.

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Here are two pics from the Grand Canyon taken on New Years Day 2006.  The fiancé and I stopped by during our move to CA over the holidays that winter.  It wasn't too cold and still sufficiently "Grand".  The size of the place is hard to fathom, let alone capture with a camera.

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What is better to drive by car or park car and use free shuttle to Canyon?

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We drove up from Flagstaff to the South Rim. It wasn't too busy (perhaps because it was New Years Day) so parking was easy.  Taking a guided hikes or one of the mule trips would have been interesting but we had the dogs with us.

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