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Thanks for coming to DevDays!

Thanks to all that came out to our DevDays last Thursday.  It was great meeting some of you!  How did you all think it went?  Did you learn something?  Any feedback?

If you want to look at the presentations that were given, as well as a couple that are being given in other cities, you can get them all at



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Re: Thanks for coming to DevDays!

Hello David,

The Developer Day event was very productive for me, being a lot of fun as well as being very valuable in connection with my job search as a test engineer / instrument programmer.  Highlights were getting some key technical questions answered in connection with my LabVIEW portfolio application (just recently completed), and also the in-depth look at CLD exam preparation.  Might you be at the next Mountain View LabVIEW user group meeting?  I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for starting this online site, I look forward to participating.

Best regards,

Oliver Barrett


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Re: Thanks for coming to DevDays!


Glad you got use out of Dev Days! I actually did meet you - I was one of the strapping young lads at the registration table (the only NI employee wearing a white shirt).  I'm actually at our headquarters in Austin, TX, but I will be out at all of our larger events, like Technical Symposium and Dev Days.

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