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Seeking outstanding LabVIEW software/firmware team manager

All, Primus Power is one of the strongest startups in the rapidly evolving Utility Scale Energy Storage space. Our software team is simultaneously growing and our existing manager is departing the company to attend grad school. Consequently there is a unique opportunity for an experienced software development veteran to step into an exciting role on the Primus leadership team and help us execute on product development and production start up. If any of you are interested, or if you can think anyone in your networks to forward this to, I would love to talk. We are also always looking for experienced developers. Thank you!

Best, Jonathan

Utility Scale Battery Controls Software Lead

Primus Power EnergyFarms are sophisticated energy storage and power systems requiring several layers of control authority from managing each flowing electrolyte battery cell, to site level equipment such as cooling and power conversion inverters. Thus there is a challenging mixture of software development tasks to complete including real time local signal processing all the way to distributed control of slower moving functions over networks. The majority of Primus’ control software is implemented on National Instruments real time controllers and developed in the LabVIEW environment. Consequently we are seeking a unique individual with deep expertise in complex controls systems software development who also possess significant LabVIEW specific experience. This is a critical technical leadership/management position with opportunity for significant growth in multiple directions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Productize all control software (battery management, safety systems, power conversion, etc.) needed at the EnergyCell, EnergyPod, and EnergyFarm levels of the Primus Power utility scale energy storage platform
  • Responsible for oversight of all aspects of software development including requirements definition, architecture design, feature/bug request queue, release control, code verification, deployment and field updates
  • Achieve designs that allow safety and mission critical systems to run reliably in both user involved and fully automatic modes
  • Manage a fast moving team of direct reports and consultant developers to deliver robust solutions
  • Provide software team technical and human behavior leadership including evangelizing “best practices” in the areas of software design, test, project management, etc.
  • Lead future migration to cost optimized control hardware and associate software re-development

Candidate Minimum Requirements

  • BS or greater in Computer Science required. Exceptions for alternate technical degrees possible with superb credentials
  • 10+ years of experience, with increasing responsibility, in developing very sophisticated software based control systems
  • Exemplary technical communication skills, able to communicate advanced program architectures and designs to both software experts and other technical contributors
  • Proven ability to lead projects that are bigger/more complex than one person can completely prescribe, can segregate bodies of work an assign to various contributors in order to make progress on many fronts in parallel, empowers other experts to lead on their subprojects
  • Able to design, document, deploy scalable interfaces and frameworks to enable the above
  • Expertise in large scale battery, power, chemical process, or similar safety critical control contexts
  • Expertise in FPGA programming
  • Expert grasp of Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • LabVIEW developer or higher certification 
  • Must be authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis

Additional preferred qualifications

  • Passion for developing new technology and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy
  • Advanced LabVIEW certifications, LVOOP, LabVIEW RT preferred
  • Recognized expert/leader in the field of mission critical embedded control systems
  • Specific experience in interconnecting utility scale equipment, DNP3, network security, etc
  • Experience managing teams of direct reports and consultants at the “manager” or “director” level within a small-medium sized technical organization

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