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New Poll

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to point out the new poll we have on the right hand side of the page.  Your feedback is most assuredly listened to, so if you haven't voted, do so!  Keep an eye out, as it will be updated regularly.

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I think the results of this poll could be skewed for the following reason: No matter how many controls there are, very few people are going to say they wouldn't like a few more.  The question is also vague enough that even if they don't like the specific examples suggested, there is atleast one thing that every person polled would like.  It's like asking a restaurant patron "Would you like to see a few more items, such as entrees, appetizers or drinks, on the menu?"

And the result of this poll would be something like: According to our survey, 95% of the users are unhappy with the number of controls available.

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You bring up a good point.  Everyone always wants something else, something more But in the case of our poll, it will still be interesting to see how many people want it updated versus how many people are content.  I know that personally, I use Lotus Notes and still use the older interface, and had they asked me this question I would have been opposed to an update!  Hopefully the Bay Area LabVIEWers will explain their answer as you did in the comment section below so we can qualify the answers better.

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