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LabVIEW research study - participants needed

Hi Everyone,

I hope this is OK to post here, but we are looking for a LabVIEW expert and this looked like a likely spot to find one. 😃

Bosch is running a UX research study on visual programming systems.

We are looking for a LabVIEW expert who has regularly used the application to program hardware components/sensors/etc for product development.

We will be discussing usability of the software, typical types of tasks, programming processes, etc.

Interview Dates:           March 8-16

Location:                 In your workplace, or where you do the programming with the hardware. (Bay Area, preferably on the peninsula)

Type:                       In-person interview

Payment:                          $200 Amazon Gift Card

Duration:                          1.5 hrs

Confidentiality:                We will give you an non-disclosure agreement to sign, and we are happy to keep any internal work processes we observe confidential/internal-usage only.  

If you are interested in signing up for an interview, please contact Jeff Axup at

(At the moment we have one spot remaining for a LabVIEW expert. If there was a programmer who also used other ‘non-LabVIEW’ visual programming environments we could use a second participant as well.)


Jeff Axup - Sr. Manager, Bosch Palo Alto User Experience

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