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LabVIEW Feedback - 2/24/10

Hi all,

Thank you to those who attended the user group meeting yesterday.  With such high attendance, it looks like we need to have the next one off-site!

The presentations from yesterday will be posted soon.  Also, here is a list of the suggestions that I remember from our great feedback session.  I plan to pass these points of feedback to LabVIEW R&D so please let me know if I am missing anything.

- Shorter install times

- Include version information for .vi files so Windows can read it and display it in Windows Explorer

- Hide plots (including in the legend) on charts & graphs

- Have the ability to save specific VIs for previous version without saving the entire tree

- Zoom! (both in and out)

- Copy data from a graph without having to write code on the Block Diagram (similar to what MATLAB does)

- Have access to the numbering of items on the Front Panel and Block Diagram to make it easier to access them using property and invoke nodes

Thanks again for the great feedback!

- Erik

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