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Re: Introductions

Name - David Horn

Location - at NI's Corporate Headquarters in Austin

Current version of LabVIEW - I can now say that I have successfully measured temperature with LabVIEW 2009!

Introduction to LabVIEW and/or years working with LabVIEW - Very new

Cool applications you've completed - Well, I measured temperature in the Introduction Seminar

Fun fact(s) - I am currently growing out my beard and hair for charity! And I have been the lead singer in 3 different bands!

There are still about 84 members that haven't introduced themselves, so keep 'em coming!

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Re: Introductions

I thought I did an intro when you first asked.

Name?  Warner Thelen

Location? Work in Richmond live in Vacaville

Current version of LabVIEW? 9.0f2  (2009)

Introduction to LabVIEW and/or years working with LabVIEW?

Started with verision 4.2 on Windows 3.1 computer. (then switched to Windows NT)  When will DOS make a comeback?

Cool applications you've completed?

Production test program to test pressure regulators (1997) Equipment is starting to fail so its time to do a new one.

System to cylce test pressure regulators and pnuematic valves (1997) When the computer dies I'll have to redo the whole system.

Test system to measure and analyze pressure regulator and mass flow controller interaction.

Automated test system to tune the control system and calibrate pressure based mass flow controllers.

Fun fact(s)? In my previous life I operated submarine nuclear power plants. (3)

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Re: Introductions

Name: Ken Roberge

Location: Live - West San Jose, Work - Palo Alto

Current version of LabVIEW? 8.6

Introduction to LabVIEW and/or years working with LabVIEW?

1995...Was a test engineer bored with just designing test fixtures.  Saw LabVIEW running in a system and knew that's what I had to learn to keep up to date.  My first try was a large test program (LV ver. 3) that tested RF, Digital and GPS parameters of a GPS Satellite Simulator.  It turned an 8 hour test into a 30 minute one.  It was a BRUTAL first try, but I learned plenty.

Cool applications you've completed?

Some major ones include the Satellite Simulator Test System, Controller for a Vacuum Chamber Metal Coater, Test System and Controller for an 8 Channel Digital Synthesizer, Optical Test Systems (for Laser manipulation), and Remote Sensor System using TCP-IP functions.  Many, many minor ones with a few games in the mix.

Fun fact(s)?

Originally from New England... Love the Bay Area weather, but miss the beauty of the 4 seasons.

Anticipating the next Silicon Valley BOOM!  It's due! :]

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