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CLA-A 2019 Summit Presentation: Futureproofing Software with Clean Architecture


I gave this presentation at the Americas CLA Summit 2019 in Austin. Slide Stack can be found on NI Certified LabVIEW Architects Community Forum (access limited to CLAs).  I am uploading it here for the rest of you, interested in learning about Agile Design Principles and Clean Architecture ...



“Clean Architecture” is the latest (2017) book penned by Robert C. Martin (AKA Uncle Bob). It takes us beyond SOLID Design Principles and Package Design Principles into the realm of Policies, Business Rules, Layers, Architectural Boundaries and The Dependency Rule: “Source Code Dependencies must point only toward higher-level Policies”.

It provides much needed guidance on building applications that can withstand requirement changes at incremental cost (AKA Software Futureproofing). It shows that Frameworks, Operating Systems, Data Bases and User Interfaces (including “The Web”) are details – and, as such, should be decoupled from code implementing high-level Policies and Business Rules. It is not possible providing a helpful “Clean Architecture” review in a single presentation. Instead, I will try making a case for investing time and effort in digesting it by going over top-level ideas and several unorthodox conclusions.


The PowerPoint 2016 file has some animations and is best viewed in Slide Show mode.


PDF file includes slide notes. To see notes either hover over an icon in the top left corner of a page (containing Notes) or right-click the icon and select “Open All Pop-ups” option.  Diagrams & images on slides with animations are stacked and may obscure images farther out along Z axis.


Notes are essential for better understanding this presentation.




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Thanks Dmitry

I don't take enough time to read books on software design but these books I will give a try, but don't know yet in which order.

greetings from the Netherlands
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