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How To Activate BPS

To activate BEEcube Platform Studio (BPS), send an email bps.activation@ni.com with the subject "BPS Activation Request" and specify the following information:


  1. Your name.
  2. Your company's name.
  3. The MAC address for the computer you want to activate the license on.

Please note that it may take NI 1-2 business days to verify your purchase of BPS. Once your purchase has been verified, you will receive a response to your activation request within that contains a license file. After receiving that license file, copy it to <BPS Install>/license to complete the activation process. 


Note: <BPS Install>/license is the default directory for BPS licenses, as specified by the BPS_LICENSE_PATH environment variable. If you update the value of BPS_LICENSE_PATH, you will need to copy your license file into the new directory you select. Please refer to the README in <BPS Install>/license for information on manually setting BPS license paths. 


If you encounter any problems while completing the activation process, reply to bps.activation@ni.com and ask for further assistance.

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