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BPS v5.5 Release Notes

BPS v5.5 Updates:

1. Added support for ATCA-3671
2. Added beta 10GbE MAC support with example design
3. Bug fixes and improvements

4. Added default license path check to startup.m script

Known Bugs:

1. Vivado does not set clock frequencies correctly during IP Instantation in BD for Aurora core (Windows bug only).

  • Property is read only so user can not change the incorrect setting. Its recommended to use Linux tools instead if using Xilinx's Aurora core.


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I have been working with minibeecube for a year and now 

i am moving to megabeecube. working with these platforms lacks the adequate support.

I am going to control the FMC112, how can i control the specs like LO-frequecny and other features using matlab. for example if i wanted to use minibeecube i use 

fmc_cmd = sprintf('fmc111_set_lo_freq TX AB %0d', tx_lo_freq);

b4d_send_command(mBEE_ip, 'A', fmc_cmd);


how can I command the FMC112? what are the command list. if you provide me the command list and information about it i am going to prepare a set of functions to control the megabeecube and provide it to you too.

the other problem is that there is XPS_lib which is protected and we are not able to understand the functionality of them.can you provide us a document on it or let us open those functions to see how they command. 



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I have tried the :


function cmdout = rf_bandwidth(remote, conf, card, direction, rf_bw_hz)

% Function: Set RF Bandwidth with remote account, configuration file, card

% ID (Top/Buttom), signal direction (tx or rx) and RF bandwith (Hz)

% Input Parameters:

% Remote -- root@ (root@NanoBEE IP Address)

% Conf   -- A configuration file name, e.g. 'example.conf'.

% card   -- RF transcever card ID: 0 (buttom FMC112 card), 1 (Top FMC112 card)

% direction -- signal direction: 'tx' or 'rx'

% rf_bw_hz  -- a string of RF bandwidth, e.g. '30000000' represents 30 MHz.

% Output:

% cmdout: output lines/return from fmc112ctl command.

% Usage examples:

%  Set TX RF bandwidth to 30 MHz on bottom FMC112 card with 'example.conf' configuration file

%  under the current working directory in MATLAB.

%  rf_bandwidth('root@','example.conf','0', 'tx', num2str(30000000))


sendScpCommand(remote, conf, '/dev/shm/.conf');

cmd = ['rf_bandwidth --file=/dev/shm/.conf --card=' card ' --' direction  '=' rf_bw_hz];

cmdout = fmc112ctl(remote, cmd);


but it says the sendScpCommand is not defined, it seems i dont have the source code for it,



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