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2. My LabVIEW program is listed in BLT. How to create or configure an executable from there?

In order to protect your application with licensing and enjoy all the features provided by BLT in your own LabVIEW program, you must configure and create a BLT Executable.

When you configure a BLT Executable, it basically creates a standard EXE build specifications in your LabVIEW project and automatically configure it to include everythin required by BLT to work.

  • Select your product in the list and click on "Build Specifications

  • This window lists all the EXE build specifications existing in your LabVIEW Project.
    • The Standard executable represents a normal executable created with LabVIEW
    • The Valid BLT executable represents a BLT executable that includes everything to work correctly wit hour product
    • The Corrupted executable nees to be repaired so you can enjoy all the BLT feature with your product

  • If you already have a Standard executable configured for your application ion your LabVIEW Project, you can simply click on "Add or Repair BLT" to include the BLT framework in your EXE Build Specifications. Otherwise, you should create a new BLT Executable.

  • Click on "Create a new BLT Executable"

  • Configure the name for your build specifications and executable (Build Name) and select the Startup VI for your program. Then configure the destination direvtory where to save the generated executable.

  • Click on "CREATE BUILD" to generate your exe build specifications. This process will modify your LabVIEW project and add the following items:
    • BLT for LabVIEW contains the required libraries and support files that need to be included in your executable
    • is the new startup VI for your exe. It includes the BLT framework and call your program after the licensing check is passed
    • My Software is the executable build specifications that will generate the executable to distribute to your end-users.

  • Your EXE build specifications are now configured properly, click on "Set selected EXE for your product" to link this build specifications with your product in BLT.

Congratulations, you are now ready to distribute your LabVIEW program to your customers on deployment targets!

Matthias Baudot | Software Architect | Founder at STUDIO BODs

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