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1. I have an existing LabVIEW program that I want to manage and distribute with BLT. How to proceed?

If you want to manage your LabVIEW program with BLT, you need to add a new product in BLT and link it to your LabVIEW Project file.

This will allow you to use BLT to distribute, protect and customize your application distribution.

  • Open BLT for LabVIEW, select the "Products" category and click on "Add a Product"

  • Enter a friendly name to identify your product in BLT, and select the path of your existing LabVIEW Project. Click "OK" to add the product in BLT

  • Your LabVIEW program will now appear in the list under the "Products" category. Select your product in the list and click on "Configure Product attributes"

  • On the window, you can access the configuration of your product attributes, and define some Product Features that you can enable or disable for a specific user. You can also design a splashcreen for your application so it looks more professionnal when you distribute it to your customers.

  • See here how to define your Product Features
  • See here how to customize colors ans splashscreen

Congratulations! You can now manage, protect and distribute your product with BLT for LAbVIEW!

Matthias Baudot | Software Architect | Founder at STUDIO BODs

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