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usb-8473 communicating with pxi-8464




I am currently working on a project involving CAN addressing for vehicles. We have a PXI-8464 sending out CAN commands to some actuators in the testing area and I am trying to hook up a USB-8473 to "sniff" the data coming out of the PXI. I cannot go retrieve the data being sent out in the code because it is an extremely intricate labview system and I am not familiar with it.


I can get two USB-CAN modules communicating with each other as well as a seperate circuit I designed (using labview examples) but when I connect anything to the PXI my devices all idle, even when I am telling the PXI to send out commands.


Thank you,

Daniel Fink

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verify the baudrate settings. I would us the 8473 in ListenOnly Mode in order not in interfer the ongoing communication

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