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labview crash

I am in the process for creating a diagnostic tool for my CAN card.  I run the attached VI a couple of times (eventually its going into a loop) and than labview crashes.
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I took a look at your code and I have a feeling that the peripheral code might be giving you a problem (something like a memory leak or infinite loop) instead of the CAN code.  Also, the way that you're stopping your program might have something to do with the crashing.  Using that "Stop" VI is exactly the same as hitting the abort button on the front panel, which in a programming sense is just like pulling the emergency break on your car on the highway.  It will stop the car, but very bad things might happen after.  Try stripping out all of the extra code and just running the actual CAN VIs to see if everything is working properly.  If you're still having problems, please post back a simplified version of the code with the modifications I've suggested and I'll definitely take a look at it.  Have a great day!

Chris G in AE
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I have a similar problem: I also use NI-CAN (Vers. 2.5.2) for communication with an external device. It sends some commands to a µC and then the programm gets back some status information. Everything seems to work, but after about 2 hours, the programm crashes with the error message "memory is full". If I watch the RAM memory with the task manager of windows, I see, that Labview is reserving every 10 sec about 4k more memory (looks like a memory leakage). After some days debugging, I am sure, that the VI causes the Problem!!! Do I have to clear some kind of buffer, is this a known problem or is this whatever?!?

Please help!

Greetings, robertow

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Could you please open your own thread next time. I could not reproduce your memory leak here on my machine. Could you provide a simple example to reproduce the leak, I copuld run on my system?

That would be helpful.


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