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how to separate perticular column from multidimensionl array

dear all,

i am just reading CAN bus message, problem is that it is accomodated in a 11X7 array which includes frame time stamp, ID, byte length etc but i am interested in CAN data. can anybody tell me how to separate that column from all. i want to read a column of 5 with all rows. how it is possible.

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Hello Sanjay,


If your requirement is simply to obtain a single column from a 11x7 array, I would suggest you should do the following:


1. Use Transpose 2D array to obtain a transposed array

2. Use Index Array function to retrieve invidual row (which is actually the column of non-transposed array).

Use index value of 4 (zero indexed), and the output would be a 1D array containing all elements of column 4 (zero indexed) of the original array.


I hope this helps.




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