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how to communicate (transmit and receive data )USB 8502  with hardware interface


i am just beginner for working first time on USB 8502 communication. please help me.

Now i am working on communicate (transmit and receive data )USB 8502  with hardware interface  (LPC 2129 )but they cannot communicate with each other so .PLEASE send the steps for how to transmit and receive data from USB 8502 to hardware interface and send also VI for transmit and receive data.


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First did you install a programming language and XNet drivers?  If you did install LabVIEW and XNet then there are many included examples to get things going.  Go to Help >> Find Examples and search XNet or go into the categories to find the XNet examples to see some basics.  The basics of Frame In and Frame Out is useful and might be what you are looking for unless you are given a DBC which will mean the Signal API would be easier to use.


If you are new to CAN in general then I'd suggest reading up on it and a good place to start (in my biased opinion) is my CAN Blog series.

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