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XNET LIN Null Schedule

There seems to be a bug with Null schedules in XNET LIN. If I create a Null schedule, and switch from a continuous schedule to a null schedule and then back to a continuous schedule everything seems to work properly. The communication is running during the continuous schedule, then stops for the null schedule, and then resumes with the continuous schedule.


If I switch to the null schedule again and then back to the continuous schedule, communication stops and then it does not resume when switching back to the continuous. The call to the XNET Write (State LIN Schedule Change).vi returns the following error when switching back to continuous the second time:


Code: 0xBFF63009

Message: Error -1074384887 occurred at XNET Write (State LIN Schedule Change).vi:

Possible reason(s):

NI-XNET:  (Hex 0xBFF63009) The board's firmware did not answer a command. Solutio
n: Stop your application and execute a self test. Try deactivating/reactivating t
he driver in the Device Manager. If the problem persists, contact National Instru


After this error nothing seems to work from then on, and I have to power cycle the system to get the LIN card (PXI-8516) unstuck.

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Hi kevin, Just I thought here...have you considered to use time delays in between the schedule switches. I was thinking of the posibility that the error is generated by the fact that XNET Write (State LIN Schedule Change) VI does not wait for the requested schedule to finish execution prior to return.

Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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I was switching schedules with a control on the gui so there was ~1second between schedule changes.

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Hi Kevin,


What version of the XNET drivers are you using?


Dayna P

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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I'm using v1.4.0.

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There is meanwhile a XNET 1.6 driver available
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There was no indication in the release notes of a bug fix for this, however it does seem to work with XNET 1.6. One downside is after updating to XNET 1.6 the PXI-8110 controller shows one CPU maxed out with nothing running. Before updating, the CPU's were all at 0% with nothing running.

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Oops the wizard got me by auto-selecting the NI Scan Engine to be installed. Removed that and got the resources back.

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