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Using USB_CAN for CCP and other issues


I want to generate an application which reads values from CAN. I'm able to read CAN messages and show them on the screen. Now I want to add the CCP functions into the same software but I cannot read the rest of CAN messages. What I have is:

Three CAN messages: 0x100;0x200;0x300

CCP messages: 0x5;0x6

When I read all the messages I'm able to read 0x100;0x200 and 0x300, but when I start the CCP functionallity it works but I stop reading the first three mesages. I suppose that the CCP API "discards" the non CCP messages. Where can I find these messages?

Maybe I cannot use CCP funcionallity on a port used for other purposes...

I hop I have explained.


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