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UDS read incompatible clusters

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I'm trying to do a very simple application to read UDS ID's from my target, and am using the modified VI's (and very useful tutorial) from Hooovahh to do  a very simple test.


It is mentioned that you need to start a diagnostic session then feed the reference into the UDS config VIs, but they seem to be incompatible (see attached), do i need a different or other VI before?


Can anyone help get this going?

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Accepted by topic author djroseman
01-08-2019 07:08 AM

It looks like you are mixing my library, with NI's sorry if the icons are the same adding to the confusion, but they are in different libraries so that shouldn't be an issue.  I should have probably come up with my own icons but NI's worked so well and were familiar. 


Open context help (CTRL+H) and you should see the full path to the VI that your mouse hovers over.  It should become clear quickly that the first subVI you have is from the Automotive Diagnostic Command Set, and the next two subVIs are from my ISO15765 API.  Replace the second two with NI's and it should work.  My API doesn't currently support NI-CAN or NI-XNet hardware, it was really just meant to be a demonstration of how to do ISO15765 from pure G, and show how to do these types of commands from non-NI hardware.  

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That's the one! Thanks

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