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To perform a loopback operation on data using USB-CAN interface board (USB-8502)

Hello all,


I have a USB-8502 CAN interface device. Now, I want to develop an application to loopback the data sent from test device using USB port to USB-8502 device.


To be more precise, CANFD port-1 of USB-8502 device is connected to CANFD port-2 to have a loop connection for the data flow and see the acknowledgement back in test device over USB.


The test device is a WINDOWS-10 PC with LabVIEW software installed.


Are there any sample codes available to serve this purpose? or Can you please provide me any similar codes to serve this purpose.



Thanks in advance.

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in LabVIEW: Help -> Find Examples

  Hardware Input and Output -> CAN -> NI-XNET -> Loopback Test


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