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Timestamp returned by CAN Bus measure

Dear All,


I'm using PCI CAN Series 2.


On this one, I'm reading Measures From an ECU.


Is there a documentation to explain how the timestamp is returned ?


My Problem is that my ECU have to provid measure each 50 Hz : when I read timestamp, frequency of the measures goes randomly from 48 Hz to 66 Hz.


I don't understand if the problem come from the ECU, or if timestamp returned by Frame measures ?




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Hello KB


You can use the XNET Read (Signal XY) VI, which returns a timestamp for each signal value. You can use the additional timestamps to determine whether each value is new since the last read.

Each cluster contains two arrays, one for timestamp and one for value. For each signal, the timestamp and value array size is always the same, such that it represents a single array of timestamp/value pairs.Each timestamp/value pair represents a value from a received frame


Best regards



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