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Timestamp of CAN Frame Sent Over Ethernet


Timestamp of CAN Frame Sent Over Ethernet

Hi All,


I am using a PXI chassis with an  PXIe-8840 embedded controller and PXIe-8510 card as my XNET hardware


I have a CAN frame which is sent over the CAN bus, it is then converted to an Ethernet packet using some serializer logic inside my DUT. I can connect to my Ethernet connection and see the serialized frame, but I need to be able to calculate the time it takes for the CAN frame to be tx'd over the bus until it is received by the Ethernet connection on the other side.
I have done this before with CAN to CAN where I used the trigger lines to sync the XNET devices all together and get a T0 to run my measurements off.

So my question is now, is there any Ethernet card that I could find for my PXI Chassis that would accept a Trigger as a sync the same as the XNET cards do? That way I would be able to accurately calculate the tx time since the XNET device and the Ethernet Card would be in sync.


Thanks for any help/ideas in advance!

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