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Protocol Identification

I´m tryng to use the automotive diagnostic library to create a diagnostic tool using the NI USB-8473. The problem is that i couldn´t identy de protocol that the car is usyng. So I used created a logging VI to see the bus traffic while another diagnostic tool is running:

ID: Data Frame:
04F0 00 A3 FF FF FF FF FF FF
04F1 00 E3 15 A4 01 FF FF FF
04F1 15 E4 01 FF FF FF FF FF
04F0 15 21 02 FF FF FF FF FF
04F1 15 61 02 09 46 47 3B 02
04F0 15 A1 FF FF FF FF FF FF
04F1 15 E1 07 05 08 41 00 FF
04F1 15 E1 06 03 08 42 00 FF
04F1 15 E1 05 02 04 43 00 FF

-I know that 4F0 is the transmiting adress of the tool and 4F1 is the receiving adress of the tool,

-I also know that 15 is the ECU adress when I use KWP2000 K-line diagnosys.

-Besides that 21 is a KWP2000 command and his answer should be 61.


Based on that I assumed the ISO-TP Mixed Mode, wich uses ISO-15765 document. But when I look at the ISO document the 3-4 byte doesn´t fit to the protocol, because they don´t obbey the Protocol control information (N_PCI). So my question is wich protocol this comunication use, is there another standard for this type of communication?


I´m usyng the OBD entrance of the vehicle in both cases and it is a Daimler truck.

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Hello MarcusBianchi.


Well, from what I understand, you want to discover a protocol used by Daimler. If this is correct, unfortunally, it is a Daimler's confidential information and I suggest you to contact then.


If you still have doubts or questions, I'm available.

Let me know if this answers your question.




Wesley Rocha
Application Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

Visite a nossa comunidade em PORTUGUÊS!!!

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