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NI-XNET Database Editor Preview


We've completely redesigned our XNET Database Editor to help you navigate the increasingly complex Automotive Databases you work with. With improved loading speed and more PDU centric capabilities, our new Database Editor will reduce the time you need to understand your test requirements and allow you to get your measurements even faster.  
We are preparing to share an early version of the editor with you in order to gather your feedback and give you a way to be directly involved with our development process. You can share your thoughts on this forum page and post suggestions or improvements you'd like to see. Our R&D team will be actively monitoring the forum page for ideas.   
Please check back on this forum page for a link to the NI-XNET Database Editor Preview download.


Frank Bergschneider
NI-XNET Driver Software R&D

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Please see the below link for download the NI-XNET Database Editor Preview. Features include: 

  • Define frames and signals exchanged on the network. 
  • Assign frames to ECUs that send and receive them 
  • Faster search and filtering capabilities 
  • Improved ARXML import support 
  • Improved loading times for large database files 


NI-XNET Database Editor 20.1 Preview


Please note that you must install the NI-XNET 20.1 driver software before you can use NI-XNET Database Editor Preview.

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I don't like the small scroll bar.  My OS is set to 100% scaling, and with that my system scroll bars are 15px wide.  Your program doesn't look like my OS at all, and the usable scrollbar size is at times 5px wide.  This is because if you move too far to the right you aren't grabbing the scroll bar but instead are moving the splitter.  Why not take NI's own advice and "Not reinvent the wheel" and use the system style controls built into the OS?  If I zoom (more on that later) to a usable size I get 2px of usable width on this scroll bar.


When I'm looking at a list of signals in the tree, and I type the letter "T" I expect it to go down to the first signal that starts with the letter T.  This is how the CG LabVIEW tree controls work, and it is how the older database editor works.  I know that there is a search/filter tool but this is how LabVIEW's trees, and Windows Explorer works.  I'd expect all of the tree to work this way.


For signals that have enumerations why aren't the enum value pairs viewable?  


Related to a post I made today, but how can I set the signal enumerations from this UI for signals?


I always liked the bit packing view and it is improved even more, thanks.  That being said I would find it valuable if I can right click on a set of bits from the frame view and have a "Go To Signal" and have the tree go to that signal.  I get that I can click on the bits, and get the signal name, and then go there so this isn't that big of a deal.


How is the bit packing view created?  Is this some LabVIEW code somewhere that I can leverage in my own application?  Previously I know it was an ActiveX control.


Do we need the [F], [S], [E], and [P] placed in front of the Frame, Signal, ECU, and PDU names?  We already have unique icons for each type, and the parent item of this child names what it is.  I know these are signals because I had to open the "Signals" tree node to see these.  It just seems redundant.


Why do I need a light and dark theme?  Why not use the system colors from the OS and then the colors change based on the settings of the OS?


Why do I need a zoom level?  Again the OS handles this.  If things are too small the OS can scale things to make them bigger.  Still I tested it and it doesn't remember the zoom level if I close and re open it.


How do I export as a DBC?  One of the major benefits of the XNet database editor was that I could import a DBC, edit somethings about it, and then reexport it.  Now when I go to export I can only pick XML.  Since a DBC is only one cluster I'd expect I could right click on the cluster and select Export as DBC like the old editor.


Search is so much more usable, thank you.  It is also crazy fast even with comments selected.  Which makes me wonder if it would be better to have it update as you type similar to how VIPM does it.


Thank you for handling window resizing better.


Overall this is an update that is long over due and it looks good.  Assuming an update can allow for exporting to DBC I see no reason why I can't use this over the old one.  All of my other comments and complains are minor or can be worked around.

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Awesome, thank you for the detailed feedback, 


That is excellent UX feedback, and we will evaluate what changes we can fit into our next Editor release. 


We do have Export to DBC on our feature roadmap, and we will work with our planning and product leads on the priority of that feature. 




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