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NI XNET C API - Unable to get Slot Number


I am currently using the NI 9862 CAN Module in the NI 9189 Chassis. 

Attached is a C script that attempts to first get the device handles of a CAN system. Then use the first device handle to retrieve the Slot Number of the device. 


Then this error pops up:



(Hex 0xBFF6323B) The feature you have attempted to use is not supported. Solution: Use an alternate feature that is supported.


I have tried testing other Device properties such as nxPropDev_FormFac & nxPropDev_NumPorts. These return the correct properties. 


Why is this property the only one that is not supported? 


According to the NI Package Manager, I have the 19.6.0 NI XNET Driver installed.


Any help would be kindly received.  


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