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NI-CAN Frame API: Variable Periodic CAN Object


I am developing an application that send CAN messages with NI-CAN Frame API.

Some of my messages have specification of variable periodic where

- On idle, NI-CAN will periodically send the message at 100ms period of last message

- On a user input, it will send at period of 10ms for short period (200ms) and back to idle.


In CAN Object Configuration, as I put period to 100ms, The idle data is correct but when I need to send the user input, the data is sent using the period of 100ms as well. If I put period to 10ms, even during idle data, the message are sent every 10ms.


If I configure the CAN Object's communication type to transmit data by call, the data is only sent once and not periodic.


Does the NI-CAN Frame API supports variable periodic CAN Object?

Is there suggested way to have such a message?

- Meadow -
LabVIEW 7.0 - 2011, Vision, RT, FPGA
TestStand 3.0 - 4.5
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