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Labview ECU MC Examples Running Error(error-301096)

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Hello All, I'm running  the example "Edit a parameter" always appear "Error-301096" without a real ECU, Error: A timeout occurred while waiting for a response from a slave device.


  • My hardware communication tool is "USB-8501".

  • My Labview software version is "LabVIEW Runtime 2018 SP1 f5".
  • My ECU MC Toolkit version is "ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit 20.6", also installed "ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit Runtime 20.6".
  • My NI-XNET version is "NI-XNET 20.5.1"

Before each time run the "Edit a parameter", I've already run the "ECUMC Demo ECU", The following picture is detail configuration:


ECUMC demo ECU XCP.png


It's only display ECU Running, Then I running the  "Edit a parameter", The following keeps happening:




I use "ECUMC XCP and CCP Trace" monitoring  the communication Frame information,  It is observed that only have request frame without response frame, the following picture is detail:




I am troubled by this question,  I appreciate being offered some solutions to the problem.




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     Problem solved.

The ECU MC Examples Running simulation need config Protocol: TCP/IP, Not Protocol: CAN ,               Follow the link below:



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