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J1939 Address Filter not working as expected

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I am trying to write a VI to be used in a HiL rig with 6 ECUs and a PXIe 8880. The VI needs to be able to sort all incoming CAN frames by ECU source address and will eventually be integrated into a Custom Device for VeriStand.


My issue is that I have tried using the Frm.J1939.AddrFilt setting on an XNET Session to test filtering so we only receive messages with source address 0, however I am still getting all CAN frames from all source addresses.


Here is a screenshot of the VI:




I am sending CAN frames with identifiers 150956288 and 150956289 (Hex equivalents 8FF6900 and 8FF6901, source addresses 0 and 1) using CanKing with random data in the payload. I've attached a short video of the front panel where you can see the source address flicking back and forth between the two sources.


Does anyone know where I am going wrong with the Address Filter?


Many thanks

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Hi natnich,


Frame:SAE J1939:Address Filter property has to be used with Frame:Active property.


The help file on this property states that

This property affects the active frame object in the session. Review the Frame:Active property to learn more about setting a property on an active frame.


There is a KB explaining this but it has moved to internal due to low traffic.






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