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Initialising PCAN to USB Adapter

Hello to all,
I am using the Peak Systems PCAN-USB adapter to interface with our CAN network (see for Peak info) and need to set up the transmission of CAN messages to a HBM T12 digital torque transductor.  I am using vi's from KDI (see that allows to use the Peak adapters from labview.
I think my problem is the understanding how this VI´s work and in wich order I have to use this VI´s.
Has anybody experience with this VI´s?
It would be very nice when i get an answer....
With kind regards,
Nico Landeck
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Hi Nico.  It seems we are trying to do the same thing!  We too have a T12 and would like to use LabVIEW.  which software do you have? KDI LabView Driver for CANAPI2 or KDI LabView Driver for PCAN-Light ?  Have you tried a CAN listen device on the bus to catch the messages? (I haven't yet)

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Hi John,

sorry for my late Reply. The reason is, that I finished my thesis in August.

I haven´t solved the problem with the T12 communication over Can-Bus. I used the analoge torque value from the T12.

I used the LabView 8.2 Software.

My big Problem was, that I had two Peak-USB Dongles. One for communication with MoviDriveB from SEW-EURODRIVE and one for communication with the T12. For my application I had to use the canapi2.dll. Because the light Version with the pcan_usb.dll is only for one dongle. I solved a single CAN communication with the pcan_usb.dll to the T12. An example is attached.

It would be very nice when you give me an answer, how you solved the problem.

Kind regards,



Please excuse my bad english. 🙂

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Hi Nico
I am afraid I cannot assist here.

We decided to use the analogue torque signal into an HP counter and read this via GPIB.  We find it very stable and repeatable. 

However our present testing (of efficiency of electric motors) is recorded on a sheet of paper by hand, without using labview at all! We use the HBM software (T12 assistant) to show torque, speed and power.  This gives us excellent results: high precision and accuracy.  Since the tests are carried out over some hours, the manual data collection is appropriate for us. 

Thank you for sharing the vi s.  I will investigate them sometime.

Your use of CAN to operate a variable speed drive is also of interest to us, since we presently use a VSD to change the speed of a wound-rotor motor used as a transformer to adjust the load to our motor under test.  The VSD is controlled by an analogue pot. 

Being able to "close the loop" and have a constant torque system has several interesting uses in the research of motor characteristics, but that is a long way off for us!!

Thank you for your interest.

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I have implemented PCAN Light Dll into LabVIEW. This driver you can download from here:
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I intend to use the PCAN to communicate through the LabVIEW 8.2 but,I'm not sure of what will be the best.

Or PCANlight pcan_usb.dll or the canapi2.dll. 

Can somenone  Clarify me ?

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PEAK PCAN-USB drivers:

Peter Flores
Applications Engineer
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This Driver Work Nicely



Prabhakant Patil
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I required the Error Code detail for PCAN-USB.dll.


If any budy have it please post.




Prabhakant Patil
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These link are 404.

Could you update new one.


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