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Help with J1939 Transport Protocol Reference Example


Help with J1939 Transport Protocol Reference Example

Anyone can help me out of the problem for no reply from ECM using J1939 Transport Protocal Reference Example?


I am currently using MEFI4B ECM, cRIO9023, X.Net 1.4.0, NI9862 and Labview 2011.


The ECM is powered up by DC 12 Volt power supply and only connect with NI 9862 through CAN H and CAN L. Since I want to collect the history information from ECM, I have not connected the ECM with an engine. All the other PINs except CAN H, CAN L and power are empty.


The problems I am now encoutering:



   After I run the example, I can receive the broadcast from ECM (they are current engine status such as):



    0x18FEEE00 etc.,


    However, when I request ECM to send the specific information to NI 9862, nothing can I receive:


     For example, I send

     Request (NI 9862 Source Address 03)

       ID:               0x18EAFF03  (Request Message)

       Data Field: 177 254 0 255 255 255 255 255 (First 3 byte, ECM historical information PGN)


     I expect to receive the incoming message ID: 0x1CEEB100 and the relevant data field. However, I cannot receive this ID.


1. For my understanding, I send the request message to ECM, the ECM should broadcast its information on the CANBus. Why can't I receive this broadcast message? I try other type messages, also no expected reply received by NI 9862

2.  I set the device source address as 3 by keying in the value on the setup. After I run the program, will the address (03) be claimed by NI 9862?


Thanks for your concerned!






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