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Hack your ... snowmobile?

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(Disclosure: post isn't NI-HW or SW related, but I may use LabVIEW to do some development with this in the future.  Looking for feedback from someone who knows vehicle comms better than I do.)

So my Polaris Pro-RMK's got CANBus, OBDII adapter I have (OBDKey Bluetooth) speaks CANBus. 
Picked up the connector/pins for the diagnostic port on the sled and wired it to the appropriate pins on the adapter. 

Been fighting with getting a VM up and running and talking to the device through bluetooth, that's giving me some issues... going to poke around a little more when I get that figured out (or get a machine that runs 'doze natively).


In the meantime I fired up Torque on android and tried to see if I got anything back... Sled goes into diagnostic mode but it's not getting any responses from common/standard protocols in that app.


I guess what I'm looking for is some guidance on getting useful data back.  Obviously the biggest hurdle is capturing the data and taking a look at that.  Has anyone had any experience with reverse engineering non-standard protocols?  Or are there less-common ones that might be used in a powersports application vs. automotive?  Links to whitepapers or technical resources?

Not getting much help from the snowmobile guys, most of them aren't too savvy when it comes to this sort of thing.


Just find it hard to believe Poo would have completely rewritten so much of that code and comm protocols when there's standard libraries already available, but I wouldn't put it past them to do that....



Any links or suggestions are appreciated.  I'm pretty strong with instrument communication and hardware with a good knowledge of engines, but this is the first time I've done anything like this.

What I'd like in the end is something that runs on Android that can log data from the engine (RPM, throttle position, track speed, engine temps, air temp/pressure) and android sensors (GPS), with the ability to read and clear any error codes that may be thrown without having to take the machine to a dealer every time something happens to it.

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