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Error -1074384758 with cRIO-9035 and NI-9860 with 2 X TRC-8542 CAN HS/FD Transceiver Cables

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Error -1074384758 (The interface name given does not specify a valid and existing interface) is returned by XNET Create when I run the attached VI. Both CAN interfaces can be seen in MAX and also in XNET I/O Interface. Self testing of the NI-9860 in MAX returns no errors:

NI-9860 in MAX.pngNI-9860 XNET interface.pngXNET CCP Example Error.png

The same example works perfectly if I use NI-9862. The idea is to replace 2 X 9862 that we are using in a working project with a 9860. I tried to reinstall the software on the target but with same results.

LabVIEW 2015 SP1, NI-RIO 17.0, XNET 17.5, NI-9860 F/W Vrs: 16121412

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Hi LucianM,

I would fully expect the 9860 to be interchangeable with the 9862. In fact, I am able to run the attached sample code without any issues on a 9860.


When you swap out the 9862 with the 9860, do you perform a chassis reset or take any other actions to ensure we are working with the cRIO in a known state?

Jeff L
National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author LucianM

After contacting NI support we concluded that the module was defective. Replacing it solved all the problems. The module is now sent to NI for repairing.

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Hello LucianM, I‘ve got a new CRIO equipment NI 9047 with  C series  module NI 9860. I have installed LV 2018, real-time2018, FPGA 2018, compact RIO driver 2018 and NI-XNET all successfully. My MAX can identify NI 9860 already, but how could I add "NI-XNET interface CAN1" and "NI-XNET interface CAN2" in devices and interface tree like yours.


Could you please show me the operation entrance at you convince . I'm looking forward your reply being appreciate.

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Hello Jessie9527,


I don't remember doing anything special. I'm working from home these days and I don't have access to any cRIO or modules so I cannot check anything. I think that if the TRC cables are connected and the module is supplied properly you should be able to see the interfaces in MAX. I would also make sure that the XNET driver version is compatible and firmware on the module is the latest (from what I remember, firmware could also be updated from MAX).

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