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Error 0xBFF6210D when configuring STD0

I use the frame API and have some code that runs fine with the PCI low speed card, however with USB-8472 the same code returns error 0xBFF6210D  when I try to configure the STD0 object (to set the slaves in operational mode).
I can read the channel and see the heartbeats from the slaves fine, but for some reason the USB-8472 claims I am trying to use an unsupported feature when I open STD0 (not much use for the box if it does not support that!). I use the following inputs to the
Read Que Length: 0
Write Que Length: 1
Receive Changes Only: False
Communication Type: Transmit Data By Call
Transmit by Response: False
Data Length: 2
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Just to add some useful facts:

I use NICAN 2.4.

I found out that the error code on some pages is referred to not as due to an unsupported feature but trying to configure an object that is already open and in use. This is not the case in my code (then it would probably not work with the PCI card either), the error comes at the very first use of the object - the initial configuration. The only thing that has been done prior to running that configuration is configuration of the channel (CAN0 object), there is no code running in parallell with this, it's all very straight forward (configure and open CAN0 - no errors, configure STD0...error).

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The driver error message is pointing in the right direction. The USB CAN module does not support objects, because there is no processor onboard to handle them.
Only plain network (port) read, write, readmult and writemult, is allowed. Check the examples shipping with NI CAN 2.4.
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Ouch, that's a bummer...(is it just me or is that limitation rather invisible on the product page?)

Thanks for the answerSmiley Happy

Check out ClampOn CAN Monitor on the LabVIEW Tools Network.
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Yes you are right, there is no word online. Only the readme and the manual do mention the fact, that only the Network Interface Object is supported.

I agree, we need this information online as well. I have triggered the right people already to change the online documentation.

Right now, hopefully you get around this limitation. The biggest problem perhaps is the periodic transmission, which has to be done with USB in Software.

If you dont get around, please contact your Sales Representative.


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Does that mean I cannot use the CANopen Library with the USB modules either ?


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Yes thats correct the CANopen Library uses objects for some periodic tasks and the 847x USB CAN does not support object communication. Thus no CANopen Library support for the USB CAN dvices. Sorry.

See the KB for these and other USB CAN limits: ni-can function call support for 847x devices


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