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Easiest way to access CCP parameters


Easiest way to access CCP parameters


Current situation:

I have installed dozens of application all of the same structure:

PC+Windows XP+Labview 8.2 runtime (soon Labview 2011). Connection to ECU via Kvaser USB or PCI products. Application built using Kvaser supplied Labview routines (basically read CAN Message ID, write CAN Message ID). Those application allows to access ECU CAN items in read/write. No problem.


Present need:

There is now a demand to upgrade all application so that they start to check 3 additional parameters: ECU hardware version, ECU software version, ECU dataset (calib version). I have been told that those parameters are accessible via CCP. The only experience I have with CCP is what I read on the Kvaser and NI website.



1/ I would like to understand what I need to add to my applications to fullfil this need

2/ If I want to keep my Kvaser hardware already installed what do I need to purchase (from NI?). Will the "NI ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit" help me or is it bould to NI (and Vector) hardware and hence will not recognize my Kvaser devices?

3/ If I want to keep my Kvaser hardware already in place, am I able to program the necessary Labview code using Kvaser read CAN / write CAN low level routines? How do I do that? Is there example available where I could just change the very low level routines and replace by the ones from Kvaser?

I am sorry to be so general in my questions, this is my first exposure to CCP and I still do not understand why those 3 parameters that I am looking for must be accessed differently than all others process parameters that I already have access to using simple CAN read item and CAN write item routines.


Thanks a lot


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Re : Easiest way to access CCP parameters

Hello Christophe,


I've often used CCP protocole to read and write in ECU when I can't do it via KWP or UDS.

Basicaly CCP is not so complicated. It's just a matter of send and receive frames on two distinct CAN IDs.

You can find some documentation on the net about it.


In your case, to read some parameters you can use the following commands:



    GET_SEED ( needed if security access is enable )

    SEND_KEY (idem)



I have some code in Labwindow cvi if you are interessed.

If you want I can send you the CCP protocol documentation in pdf format.



B. Williot



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Re: Easiest way to access CCP parameters

if you dont want to reinvent the wheel ;-)

check the NI solution supporting CCP and XCP, incl A2L definition files

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Re: Easiest way to access CCP parameters

I'm not sure that NI-EMCT support Kvaser hardware,

And I think sometime it worth building your own wheel if you don't need the entire car !!

Smiley Wink

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Re: Easiest way to access CCP parameters

no it does not support Kvaser, but keep in mind the effort of developing/maintaining your CCP driver compared to buying a ready to run toolkit plus e.g. an NI USB 8473

if you think you can develop the CCP driver within 2 days it may not worth to switch to the NI toolkit, if not ... ;-)

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