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Dose ADCS have Echo property?

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I'm using ADCS(automotive diagnostic command set) for UDS communication.

Dose ADCS have Echo transmission property, like XNET have?


I would like to log CAN protocol when UDS communication by same CAN port.

I can get receive data but I also want to receive transmit data as well.


I would really appreciated any idea.


thanks regard

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Accepted by Iniesta_Luján

You could start an XNET Bus Monitor Session on the same CAN port beforehand with the same CAN settings, and check the "Log Transmitted Frames" option.

Programmatically, you could create an XNET Frame Input Stream Session on the port first with the "Intf.EchoTx?" Property set to true.

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Hello Kayfh


thanks for your advice.

I got misunderstand.

I thought XNET input session dose not allow to call EchoTx? property.

But ADCS dose XNET frame output session background so.


it works!


thanks for your prompt reply.

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