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Custom Baud Rate Calculator VI?

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Sorry I'm not sure. The NI Employee that posted here would be best to answer that.  But they haven't been active on the forums for years.

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What is not complete about it? What are you expecting to see that isn't there? (not having looked at that VI in probably 8 years or so, I would expect it to be complete, but when I first wrote it, I believe it only supported 32-bits and was under a different CAN-FD standard as it hadn't been absorbed by ISO yet).

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it's because the proposed 64 bits custbaudrate proposed by NI in XNET bus monitor is not in the putput list af the VI...  it's a pity NI doesn't share the code behind this cut baudrate calculator, it would permit any application to use the good one depending on hardware.

Francis M
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