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Could I create RT applications using only USB-8502?

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I'm using my laptop with LabView 2016 and a USB-8502 with NI-XNET driver 17.0.1f0.

I want to read and write frames on a CAN bus, but a I have a question about if I can create un VI that it runs in real time, since the USB-8502 has support for LabView RT.

¿The VI deploy within USB-8502? or ¿Is it necessary to have a RT target?


Thanks very much for the help.

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Accepted by topic author SergeyGM
09-21-2017 07:37 AM

The VI does not run on the USB-8502 so to have an RT application the USB-8502 would need to be connected to a Real Time host/target.

Jeff L
National Instruments
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Thanks you, Jeff L.

Your answer was the one I was expecting. 

I appreciate your cooperation.

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