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Combine two LDF for LIN Communication

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Hello, I'm trying to control and receive feedback for a pump and an actuator for a valve on the same LIN port. Therefore, I tried to combine the two corresponding LDF files to load them on the same port, but it's not working. I can't load them. Could you review my LDF files, both the originals and the combined ones?


I am sending them attached as text files because I cannot send them in LDF format


For the pump "VCU_BEWP_MEWP_V_1_0_0,"

For the valve actuator "PA2634,"

The combined file for both "Sanhua_PA2634."

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Accepted by topic author sasquatchd

Did you try to edit the LDF using Notepad? I think it is a bad idea.

My recommendation is to open both files using XNET Database Editor, and then do some manual work.



You can also refer to merge multiple CAN DBs using NI-XNET and make some minor modification for it to work on LDF.


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