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Can't see bus traffic using MAX on an Audi Q7

Ok, one more way of trying to get to the answer of my dilemma.

When properly connected to the OBD connector on a modern day vehicle that has CAN, with correct baud rate selected, all hardware functioning correctly, and all wiring correct, using MAX and the NI-CAN Bus Monitor, ignition key on or in the run position, what would be the reason I don't see any bus traffic displayed? Thanks! Smiley Frustrated

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no friend!american and europe using can!!!

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If ADCS is working and the bus montitor without ADCS is not working I assume that the ECU is not sending any frames on the bus without a request message.


Take a look at "Gibson" answer message 17 again, please.


You can verfiy this if you starts the Bus monitor and go to the " frame send" page (STRG +T). 

On this page define a CAN request message and send this message to the ECU.


If you get a response from the ECU you know that your setting is correct and that the ECU always expected a request and you have no traffic on the bus without a request message.


Hope this helps.





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