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Can't open ldf schedule with diagnostics with XNET (PXI-8516) driver

How I can open a LDF with XNET(PXI-8516), if diagnostic requests and responses are in the schedule too? Without diagnostics works fine.

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Hello Heiko,


this is a known issue and will be fixed for the next version of NI-XNET. Unfortunatly there is no workaround at the moment


Kind regards


NI Germany

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Hello Carsten,


thank you for your answer.

But I've a workaround if you have a diagnostic master request with only one diagnostic slave response. You need for the diagnostics a seperate ldf file. In this file you must define these master request and slave response as a normal frame with diagnostic identifier. The time information at the schedule you must recalculate, that the timing is like at the original ldf. These works faster as with the database example. The timing than is like the schedule at the original ldf. 


Than should you take both lin ports at the lin line from your target. At the lin line should be nearly the same timing as with the original ldf with diagnostics at the schedule.

You need the second port at the card to receive the slave response. You need also a a crossing between the send and receive at the ports (Port1 send lin schedule frames and receive diagnostics and Port2 send diagnostics and receive lin schedule frames).


I hope this is helpfull for you and others with the same problem.




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I have similar problem but with NI-XNET 9866 USB. I modified the Ldf file (the original file) to include 2 extra "normal" frames and I named them Diag_send and Diag_read with the id of 3C and 3D. The system works but the problem is I have to wait for a few seconds before I can send another 3C command.

Does anybody know how to resolve this problem.


Hamid Yazdi


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Hi Hamid,


Can you give us a bit more detail on how you have to wait a few seconds before you can send again. Are you using an example VI and can you post how you have configured your LDF?

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