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Can Filter

I want to program a can bus - filter : see also attachement to see what i mean.
I have 3 nodes on the can bus, and i want to isolate one node by placing a "can- filter" between.
The filter must have the following spec's:
1: filter the incomming id's/messages ( 5 chosen id's) 
2: block or let through the outgoing id's/messages
3: delay time as narrow as possible
Is it possible with these tools? (see below) => is it in general possible to make sutch filter, because i have to open 2 can ports at the same time that can transmit and receive the same messages?
=> NI-can hardware;
  - 1x PCMCIA-can/2 Series 2
  - 1x usb-8473s
  - 1x usb-8473
=> NI software
  - LV 8.0
  - NI-can 2.5
Thanks in advance

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Sure the SJA 1000 which is the controller in all your mentioned hardware has a powerful filter integrated. The NI-CAN driver brings an example for programming it programaticaly.

Besides that there are multiple threads in this forum regarding filtering with lots of examples for download.


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