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CCP Get Version Time out error

So, a newby I am... I am running a very simple program attempting to convert an existing MATLAB program into Labview VIs. Should be simple - right 🙂


I have some basic communication working, but trying to get the ECU to resond to a GET VERSION cmd results in a time out



However the CCP spy shows the command went correctly and did not get a response... I am curious why?



The code is simple...


The setup is:



So I am at a loss... I get the same timeout when I try and GetSessionStatus, or SetSessionStatus - which is what I am really trying to do...


Any help would be appreciated..





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some questions:

1) which Version of the ECUMC Toolkit are you using?

2) which hardware? NICAN or NIXNET?

3) which OS? which LV Version

4) can you add a NI IO Trace log file of the ECUMC API calls only to this thread which should give us more insight view

5) you may add a CAN trace file if you use the NICAN or NIXNET BusMonitor on the second CAN port and stream all CAN traffic to a log file

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