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CAN products communication using ni usb-8472 Labwwindows/CVI


Hi , I'm a new in using Labwindows/CVI and i have to connect several car products with CAN or LIN bus using ni usb-8472 can   , I have to send periodic frames  ! 

so i decided to create many timers every timer will send a frame periodically  every  timer's tick .

but i dont know  so much about can functions (nican ) and the steps to follow .

here is the 2 interfaces that i create them .

i have used LEDs to simulate if the timers are working correctly and it's ok , the leds chage there status with the periods that i have established. i click in start bottum to start the second panel and it works too .

the next step that i will do it is to read the received frames and it's mentioned in the ci exemples .

please if someone has something  to  help ! how can i do  .

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