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Automotive Diagnostic Command set - Error -8005 @ Diag CAN

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I apologies for my limited knowledge in CAN, I am trying to recreate a testbench on that was built by an engineer who has long since left the company


I have an ECU that communicates using KWP2000 & others, a CAN Bus (NI-8473) labeled CAN0 in NI MAX, NI-CAN 18.5, Automotive Diagnostic Command set toolkit 22, LabVIEW 2021.


When I attempt to run the code below (ported from LV12 -> 21) using the same parameters aside from "CAN0" I get the following Error


Error -8005 @ Diag CAN


Possible reason(s):

Automotive Diagnostic Command Set: A required hardware driver support library could not be loaded. Verify that the requested driver is installed or refer to product documentation about specifying the correct driver


ECU ID.png


NI max can listen to the data stream and I don't understand what other drivers that I need to install 

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First off you are forgetting a close operation.  That but that won't keep it from working.  Secondly I would ask about what is or isn't working.  Is there communications with CAN frames, and/or signals?  If not your wiring, baud, or termination settings might not be correct.  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, of my CAN Blog covers this.


If you have baud, and wiring correct I'd then ask about the transmit and receive IDs you have.  You list them as 0x18DA00F9, and 0x18DAF900, both as extended.  If this is correct you should see a response from the ECU, even if it isn't supported.  I'd rather suggest reading a DID, or DTCs, just because you should see some kind of response.  I'm am not sure if all ECUs support reading the identification information or not.  If you have no response from the corresponding frame then I'd say the IDs aren't correct.  You typically need a CDD file, but a DBC some times has it listed too.


You can learn more about KWP, UDS and others in Part 8 of my blog.  You can stick with the toolkit NI provides if you have it.  That post just might help you understand what frames you should see when things are working.


And lastly I see your config as CAN0@ni_genie_nixnet.  I have no idea what this means or if it is correct.  I'd look at one of the installed examples found in the Help >> Find Examples.  I don't have the toolkit installed but I don't remember anything genie related in.

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I don't understand the NI__Genie myself so that whole string was replaced to just be "CAN0" to match the NI Max representation

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Accepted by topic author Onering20

Thank you for your prior response, it appears to have been a driver compatiblity issue I had been working with a CAN Bus (NI-8473) and it was packaged with NI-CAN15, I don't know which downgrade from current be it Nican 15, Labview 19 or ADCS 19.  I had seen a patch note while looking into this issue saying that NI CAN 15 was removed from support and that sparked an idea on downgrading.


I will look through your blog however to see what I can learn and continue to improve.

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